Auditing Service

We provides wide range of auditing services

Auditing Service

The Office provides auditing services and uses the latest auditing methods applied globally, especially the method of auditing, which depends mainly on the study and evaluation of accounting systems and internal control systems, which are characterized by a critical examination of the systems and procedures applied by the establishment. The validity of their application can thus reduce the routine audit work and allocate more time for review in the most important areas. The review method allows for a management report on aspects that need to be developed and improved in the applicable systems.

Internal auditing is considered as a necessary measure to be applied in order to maintain the proper functioning of the work according to the desired objectives and within the legal limits. In order to ensure that the employees and managers carry out their duties within the permissible limits and as dictated by the internal rules of the company,

On the other hand, the audit of operations is considered as an initial step that must be followed by institutions and companies that must audit their accounts before the arrival of the external auditors. The internal audit will help to detect any deficiencies in the internal control system or any accounting problems. Or to prevent the external auditor from giving the Company a supporting opinion of its financial statements.

Our team includes individuals who specialize in the preparation of internal control systems and the implementation of internal audit. The team provides the relevant departments with monthly reports or, if necessary, supporting all necessary documents.

An external audit is one of the services provided by our office, which includes the procedures and work performed by the staff to express an opinion on the financial statements of our customers in accordance with International Standards on Auditing.

In addition, audits are designed to advise business owners and managers to make decisions and achieve the objectives of their enterprises.

All audit work begins with understanding and evaluating the nature of the business to be audited. Which helps us to provide constructive suggestions for the development of the business of the entity and its strategic plans and information systems and internal control. And then apply audit procedures that are in line with the requirements of local regulations and laws and international auditing standards.

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